Wednesday Night Fun Runs -- And More!

Free and Informal
Open to All - Runners/Walkers Welcome
Every Wednesday: 7:00 PM
Mid-June thru Mid-August
OK5K Route
(Meet in Kinderhook Village in front of Vanderpoel House)

Other Group Runs in Kinderhook

For interesting running routes, see the USATF Running Routes site (  Enter  "Kinderhook" in the CITY search box  to find many routes in the Kinderhook area. You can also map out your own routes and check saved routes in other locations.

Questions? Visit the Kinderhook Runners Club Website

You can also watch this fun little video preview of the race course featuring the Runnin' Red Fox, Martin Van Buren, and other historical and running legends of the Upper Hudson Valley. (And be assured that no animals were harmed in the making of this video, although they were understandably embarrassed to be seen with us.)